The BEST homeStay experience!

Brisbane homestay

Come to Brisbane and we'll put you in a great home stay, with a great family in a nice area.

We specialize in matching students with Brisbane homestay families.

Your Brisbane homestay will have:
  • A private bedroom: includes linens, bed, desk, and a place for clothing.
  • A private or shared bathroom: includes towels.
  • Cleaning of linens & towels.
  • Meals (breakfast & dinner) Lunch on request.
  • The opportunity to speak English on a daily basis.
  • A house close to public transport.
  • A great Aussie cultural experience.
  • Police safety checked hosts for under18 year old students.

Our Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with the homestay we have chosen for you we will move to another homestay at no extra cost.

Most of our host families regularly host international students and are experienced and highly capable of caring for their students as well as being understanding about cultural differences.

What is Homestay?

  • Homestay is a safe and affordable housing for international students, working holiday makers, and visiting professionals.
  • For international students, it is an opportunity to live in a friendly home with an Australian family, experience the Australian lifestyle and culture up close, and practice your English language skills.
  • For working holiday makers and visiting professionals, it is a convenient and economical temporary housing solution.

Who are the Homestay Hosts?

We regularly visit every home, carefully screen, and continually evaluate our hosts to ensure that our high standards are met. All hosts are located in safe areas. English is always the primary language used in the home. Our hosts truly enjoy hosting and are eager to welcome guests into their home.

Host Families can typically be:

  • Two parent families.
  • Single parent families.
  • Widows.
  • Single individuals.
  • Extended families (relatives living with the family or individual).
  • A variety of races and nationalities.
  • People with children.
  • People with pets.

Placing you in a home?

Your application gives us some basic personal characteristics that we use to match you with an available host home.

You will be placed based upon the following information: Your gender, native language, age, smoking habits, allergies and certain religious or medical dietary restrictions, and commute time to your school or company.

We cannot always guarantee that we can meet certain religious or medical dietary requirements that you may have, but we always try our hardest.

Any special placement requests in addition to the ones above might be met, however, they are not guaranteed.

About pets: Australians love having domestic pets in their homes. The most common house pets are cats, dogs, and, birds. Most families have pets.

If you wish to move into a Family without pets we will seek to accommodate your request but this might limit your options.

Access the Internet?

Some homes allow Internet access, but some do not. We do not guarantee Internet availability in our homes.

Please remember that the use of the phone line for the Internet often limits access to the phone for other family members and guests. Be sensitive to the needs of others in your home.

Expectations of homestay?

Homestay is affordable housing in which you choose to live in someone's home. This is a very different experience than staying in a hotel and requires a different set of expectations.

The nature of the home and the family will vary as Australia is a diverse nation, but all homestay homes will be safe, clean and close to public transportation.

You will be able to practice your English in conversations with your host during shared time in the home, such as dinner time. Many Australians have busy work and personal lives. Families might not eat together every evening.

Is Homestay only for students?

No. Best Homestays Australia caters for anyone looking for a cheap alternative accommodation with a friendly Australian family.

Is Homestay only for international guests?

No, anyone interested in saving money and wanting to experience a home stay in the Brisbane area is welcome to apply.

Our guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with the homestay we have chosen for you we will move to another homestay at no extra cost.

Submit a homestay application now! and we'll find you a great host family.


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